Chairman's Message

Hon. Sri. Y Raja Reddy

PKM Educational Trust®

"Our students are elucidated by the ability to visualise success, collaborate wide range of resources and deliver breakthrough results towards society at large and business community in particular. "


With a legacy spanning 31 years, R R INSTITUTIONS has firmly established itself as a prominent figure in the realm of education, emerging as one of the premier institutes in the country. Our institution is dedicated to fostering education and research across various disciplines.

At Academy for Learning, we cultivate a dynamic environment that encourages creativity, instilling in our students a passion for lifelong learning and a clear sense of purpose to confront future challenges. Our commitment is reflected in our faculty, who are distinguished in both academia and research, imparting their wealth of expertise for the benefit of our students.

We empower our students to envision success, collaborate with diverse resources, and achieve breakthrough results that positively impact society and the business community. Our mission at Academy for Learning is to nurture aspiring technocrats, professionals, pharmacists, and para-medical enthusiasts, fostering a culture of innovation and service to the nation while fulfilling social responsibilities.

I extend a warm invitation to visit our campus, engage with our faculty and students, and explore our comprehensive programs and activities. Be assured of an enriching intellectual, social, and cultural experience at Academy for Learning. Welcome to a place where we shape futures, values, knowledge, and wisdom.

Best regards,

Y Raja Reddy

PKM Educational Trust®